What does a regular trucking company do?

Organization of cargo transportation and full support on the road of this cargo. As a rule, her duties include: – route planning; – preparation of all transport documents; – conclusion of an agreement between the carrier and the sender of the goods; – container packing with cargo, marking; – transportation of goods by the necessary mode of transport; – support at customs; – placing the container in the vehicle; – distribution of goods in warehouses and protection in special, necessary conditions; – transportation from point A to point B;

All this work is done not only through the customer and the logistics company, but also with the direct participation of the dispatcher and the broker.

A broker is an intermediary in concluding a transaction for the transportation of goods, who receives his commission for this. In particular, the transport broker ensures the placement of applications from companies for cargo transportation, he also processes them, from the moment the application appears to the final payment for delivery. In part, he takes responsibility for the miscalculations and mistakes that transport companies can make when fulfilling an order. Based on the completed applications, the broker generates a rating of cargo carriers in the country.

A dispatcher is an employee in the field of logistics who is responsible for the correct management and operation of a trucker, as well as for a favorable cargo pricing policy. The dispatcher works with the truck driver, he is looking for cargo for him through a broker, which is beneficial for both the driver and the broker himself. After that, the working moments between the broker and the driver are agreed upon (including pricing policy), and the goods are sent on their way.

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