When the plane is better than the train

What transport to choose for the delivery of commercial cargo? What is freight broker training nyc? The question is asked by almost all participants in foreign economic activity
M. Zhvanetsky claims, “…by plane is still faster than by train. They calculated – it seems to be not faster, it seems to be even slower … ”
Not for the sake of argument, with the classic, but for the truth, let’s try to figure out in which cases it still makes sense to give preference to delivery by air, despite the obviously high cost.
Time! As you know, it is money.

Let’s compare, using the example of one of the most popular directions of the SEAD-RF.

From China, by sea up to 50 days, by rail up to 14 days, by air up to 10 hours, no comment required.

Safety. What does it seem like at first glance? It’s just that an airplane is, in almost 100% of cases, a “direct flight”, i.e. there are no intermediate landings for reloading, unlike other types of transportation, for which transit points of delivery are simply necessary. Those. the probability of damage, loss during overload, or sending in general to the other side is practically zero. There is no need for additional clearance, including customs clearance, at transit points for further travel. This means that no one will “unnecessarily” open and check your cargo.

Capabilities. TSW at the airport are equipped to receive and store various types of cargo. Refrigerators to ensure the temperature regime, areas for the placement of dangerous goods, various classes. Technique for ensuring loading and unloading operations. Cargo terminals are located in the area of ​​the airport, which means good roads, convenient entrances, thoughtful interchanges.

Final decoration. Air crossing points are considered to be border crossing points.

This means that the customs authorities have broader competences, i.e. they can process a wider range of goods. You can always find specialists in veterinary and phytosanitary control at border checkpoints. This means that all types of border control can be passed in one place.

And so, the advantages are announced, to summarize, when it makes sense to give preference to air delivery:

in cases where the recipient is located in remote areas, far from the sea and railway lines
delivery of perishables – flowers, “vegetables-fruits and other products”, medicines.
delivery of samples for research to obtain permits required when importing the main consignment of goods. At this stage, there is an opportunity to test in practice the business qualities of your supply partner, his readiness to fulfill his contractual obligations.
delivery of expensive equipment, or simply valuables, including cultural ones, in a short time, for example, for an exhibition by a certain date or to ensure the operation of continuous production.

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